The Rena Kan Institute

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Experience & Know-how 

The Rena Kan Institute opened in 1976 at a time when beauty salons were still in their infancy in Australia.

Founder, Renate Kanitz-Birnbaum arrived in Sydney with years of industry experience having trained in France and worked in Asia, North and South America, India and Europe. In Europe and North America Renate was highly sought after to develop and manage the beauty regimes for royalty, well known movie stars and heads of state including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

In Australia Renate noted the continent's climatic extremes and their often harsh, damaging and prematurely ageing effects on skin.

She established a skin care clinic with the principle aim of challenging these effects using time-honoured holistic care based on diagnosis and targeted treatments supported by on-going global research.

Holistic Skin Science & Therapeutic Solutions
The long-established clinic continues to provide functional, non-invasive solutions to the challenges of mature and problem skins for woman and men.

Every Rena Kan facial treatment is based on a diagnosis to correct imbalances before specific needs are addressed. Among factors considered are the client's time of life, lifestyle and health status.

The Art of Skin Maintenance
The Rena Kan holistic approach stresses the importance of focused individual attention. Targeted salon treatments are supported by an at-home maintenance regime which can include dietary and lifestyle changes.

At the heart of skin care maintenance are functional and proven problem-solving products. The Rena Kan Selectables range of biochemical formulations is sold by trained skin therapists who determine appropriate treatments after individual appraisal.

Product formulations are kept up-to-date by regular scientific review.