Taking your skin care seriously

Elementary, effective skin care is vital
and accessible to all of us. The three basic aspects of such care are cleaning, protecting and nourishing the skin. There are very expensive products available to achieve this, but there are many others which are less costly but do the job just as well providing you follow correct steps.

 Cleaning the complexion daily is vital as it clears the skin of cosmetic products, makeup and external pollutants. It also frees and prepares the pores to soak in the maximum moisturizer afterwards. The tube of cleanser you choose depends very much on your personal skin type. If you have an oily skin, choose a stronger, water-soluble wash cleanser and be sure to follow it with a moist, but not oily cream. Washing twice a day is a must. Peeling not Scrub, twice the week is also very important. It clears the pores and slough off the dead cells . If you have oily skin you might also like to try a simple but effective home remedy. Once a week rub some lemon on your face (not too close to the eyes). Lemon juice has a strong disinfecting and drying effect on oily skin.

 If you have very dry skin, a cream-based cleanser is best and if your skin is normal-to-dry, try a water soluble rich cleansing milk. Your twice daily cleansing should be complemented by a peeling once a week for maximum effectiveness.



R. Kanitz- Birnbaum