The benefits of facial massage

Step five

Many people today are tremendously exercise-conscious, taking good care of the look of their bodies, yet they often forget or neglect that part of the appearance in which ageing is most immediately evident - the face.

Stress usually shows in our faces first, so surely they deserve some special attention. Unfortunately, many people have the misconception that facial massage can be harmful or that it stretches the skin. Nothing could be further from the truth. Provided it is done skillfully, massage is a wonderfully beneficial treatment for the face and body.


To derive the maximum benefits from the medium of facial massage, you should select an experienced practitioner and then make your appointment with them a regular feature of your health care regime. Done professionally, facial massage's therapeutic effects are various. It revitalizes the mind and the body, reduces tensions and increases your ability to cope with stress; it stimulates and improves muscle tone and accelerates blood circulation which in turn brings nourishment to the skin's surface and carries active ingrediences deeper in to skin. This increased blood circulation also carries oxygen to the facial muscles which helps to revive them. Facial massages also moves the lymph system, thus aiding the elimination of waste.


Facial massage has been practiced for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese cultures understood its value within the parameters of their meridian system in which certain pressure points in the body correlate with particular organs. Through facial massage and accupressure, one can relieve particular tensions and pains in the body. Indeed, to massage the face is a natural response to certain body stresses. For example, when you have a headache, it's an automatic gesture to massage your temples.


R. Kanitz- Birnbaum