The eyes have it

Step seven

People focus on each other's eyes. When we have problems such as swelling, puffiness or dark circles under our eyes we may not only become self-conscious or embarrassed, we may reach for heavy concealing creams or dark glasses in an attempt to mask the area.

Dark shadows or circles under the eyes are fine blood vessels shining through the skin which is thinner and more delicate in this region than elsewhere on the face. The problems are ggravated by illness, some medications lack of sleep and/or intake of oxygen.


In healthy, rested skin, the cells are plump with balanced intracellular fluid giving resilience and even skin tone. Dark shadows occur because a lack of moisture in the cells causes them to dry out and flatten, thus thinning the already delicate barrier of tissue surrounding the eyes and allowing the blood vessels to show through.


Swollen or puffy eyes are caused by poor circulation of the blood and lymphatic system.

Intra-cellular fluid escapes from the cells and floods the especially thin surrounding connective tissue where it manifests as puffiness. Adrift from its normal channels, it cannot be efficiently metabolised to the organs of elimination - the skin, lungs, colon and kidneys. A sluggish lymphatic system indicates the body is not efficiently ridding itself of toxins and waste material.

Puffiness and dark shadows in the eye area are also exacerbated by stress, sleep deprivation, spicy foods and too much partying.


Having eliminated allergic reaction or the use of unsuitable eye creams as culprits, adequate rest, gentle regular exercise and drinking lots of pure water will help alleviate the swelling in most cases.


Diminishing accumulated extra-tissular fluid - the cause of bags under the eyes - can be achieved by safe, specially designed lymphatic drainage treatments.


These delicate and expert massage treatments also focus on accupressure points on the face and may include use of an ultra sound de - toxin treatment to stimulate cell function.


R. Kanitz- Birnbaum