The low down on effective hair removal

Women first begin to critically scrutinize their bodies in their early teens and one of the first things they want to do is to eliminate unwanted body hair.

In their eagerness to achieve this, they may take what is ultimately desperate action and begin to shave, pluck or use scissors. None of these hair removal methods is effective or permanent, although, granted they are an improvement on the methods used by our foremothers. (Those included using sandpaper and pumice stone to wear the hair down to the skin level.) However, within a few days re-growth appears and the shaving, plucking or cutting only makes the hair grow stronger and healthier. What's more, plucking in particular disturbs the inner follicle structure and can produce a distortion which manifests as wiry or ingrown hairs. This especially occurs if you pluck in the wrong direction.


Meanwhile, cream depilatories are widely promoted through advertising as the most feminine method of hair removal. Such creams contain chemicals which have an adverse, burning effect on the skin. These creams, too, will only remove hair at the skin level; re-growth occurs quickly.

The source of hair regeneration remains under the skin, inside the follicles. And the only successful method of permanent hair removal is LASER removal or electrolysis. If you decided to have electrolysis on any part of your body, be sure to seek the service of an experienced practitioner as this method can cause scarring if not done with skill and precision. The number and frequency of electrolysis sessions required vary; they depend very much on the strength of the hair. Hair which previously has been treated by scissors or shavers takes longer to permanently remove.

LASER done with up to date technology will be successful with any hair type and color. It is the easiest, most painless and quickest method jet.

R. Kanitz- Birnbaum