img 02The notion of regarding skin care and professional salon treatments as unnecessary indulgences is outdated. It has been replaced by a healthy intent to combat the external influences which wreak havoc on our complexions, prematurely ageing us.

We eat processed food or fresh food grown with artificial fertilizer and sprayed with chemicals; we are subject to the negative effects of climate change - hotter, more humid weather with increasing ultraviolet sunlight. These damage our skin and compromise our health and the effects show up in our thirties, if not sooner.

The cosmetic industry has reached dizzying levels of scientific sophistication, creating products designed to treat specific skin problems. Therefore it makes sense to seek regular professional diagnoses of skin and general health.


Because each skin will have different needs according to season, genetics and internal health, appropriate skin-specific treatments will be prescribed at the time.

Problem skin


Acne mostly occurs in teenage skin. If not professionally treated the condition can continue in to Adulthood and lead to scarring.

If Treatment is neglected congestion can manifest as sebum build-up which prevents elimination of cell wastes and uptake of ingredients thus seriously impeding skin regeneration into middle age.

Part of our acne/congested skin treatments includ latest LASER thecnology.

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Ageing is a natural occurrence. However, it shouldn't be premature. Although inevitable it can be postponed and its effects softened by proper skin maintenance.

Giving skin a rejuvenating holiday or cure once or twice a year - besides the monthly facial - provides excellent defence against premature ageing.

A cure may consist of collagen sheet treatments combined with dermabrasion or Ultrasound Ultrasound-infused serums or bio-molecules may also be prescribed. IPL/RF treatments which target specific needs may be incorporated.

Even skin which has been seriously neglected will show improvement after a series of appropriately prescribed treatments.

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Mens care

men's cosmetic

Men, just like women, deal with issues like aging, pigmentation, sensitivity, and acne. The biggest difference between male and female skin is due to "androgens". Sex Hormones. The chief hormones of this group are testosterones and estrogens. In the male body testosterones are ca. ten times higher than in females. This changes considerably the structure and necessary care of the skin. The Institute has treated men since it opened its doors with great success.

Different Treatments may include:
Cleaning congested skin, Regeneration by means of IPL-Ultrasound- Masks and Collagen Sheets infusion.

Like all professional skin care, choosing an individual approach depends ultimately upon expertise and listening to the client's needs in a very specific and personal way.

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MicroDermabrasionMicroDermabrasion is the deliberate peeling, scouring or polishing away of surface skin to stimulate hastened production of fresh new cells. Dermatologists and beauty therapists use a variety of techniques including acid applications to achieve brilliant results but not until MicroDermabrasion has a totally controllable and gentle version of the process been available.

MicroDermabrasion is a chemical-free technique which uses aspirated sterile corundum crystals to erase fine wrinkles, enlarged pores, superficial scars, non-genetic skin discoloration and stretch marks.

The major benefit is the design which allows precise control of depth of peeling. This eliminates the infection risk, redness and pain associated with other skin peeling methods.

Collagen Sheets Treatment


Rena Kan's German-made collagen sheets are a means of safely and effectively delivering a pure soluble form of this vital protein to skin's connective tissue layer.
These sheets reinforce the skin's natural ability to maintain its tone, resilience and elasticity.

Collagen sheets can be build in to the monthly facial treatment or given additionally as regenerating cures between regular treatments.

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Ultrasound Sonophorese with Spectral Therapy can treat Lines, Acne, recent Scares, enlarged Capillaries and Cellulite. Ultrasound is a highly versatile and non intrusive technology which has vital benefits.

The Ultrasound used by the Rena Kan Institute was developed in Germany, has 21 different Settings and is designed for use on face and body. It has two impulse frequencies which enable treatments for a variety of skin problems.
The 21 programs of the sonostar matrix transmit at least two and as many as seven different spectral colours each to the skin.

Ultrasound enables decongestion right down to skin's connective tissue. This process frees the way for serums to penetrate, accelerating the skin's own ability to regenerate itself quickly and without trauma or damage.

Depending on the Setting , the Ultra Sound will:

  • Encourages lymphatic flow to decongest and detoxify tissue
  • Enhances metabolism to speed up cell turnover
  • Activates collagen production to enhance skin elasticity
  • Accelerates diffuse tissue to dissolve fat deposits
  • Provides beneficial micro-massage in skin tissue to promote regeneration
  • Stimulating the membrane layers

Ultrasound provides another dimension to enhance skin treatments

Facial Muscle Gymnastic (FMG Technique)


For those who are keen to defer facial ageing, but loath to submit to the traumatic effects of the scalpel, there is now an effective, non-surgical alternative.

It is the FACIAL MUSCLE GYMNASTIC TECHNIQUE (FMG), a revolutionary technique which dramatically slows the ageing process by improving the tone of the facial muscles and counteracting the sag and drag of advancing years.

The FMG treatment, which is like a facial workout, involves the steady, firm exercising of the facial muscles. A harmonious synergy of western and eastern medicine, FMG is the first technique which applies effective and appropriate exercises to the facial muscles. This remarkable rejuvenation technique is unique to the Rena Kan Salon..With regular application, the ageing process is slowed as muscles retain their tone. Results can be dramatic.

The benefits of FMG include improved circulation in blood flow, a revitalisation of the skin glow, elimination of toxic waste and enhanced tone and firmness to muscle and tissue. It promotes general relaxation of stress in the body and a natural release of the body's own painkilling endorphins.

Intense Pulse Light/ Radio Frequency - IPL/RF Technology - LASER hair removal - Acne LASER treatment

iplIntense Pulse Light/ Radio Frequency { IPL/RF } are high tech skin treatment delivery techniques.

The ELOSTM system is a proven contemporary technology that provides treatment for many skin conditions including:

  • Acne Eight painless treatments within 3 weeks can make a crucial difference in the skin
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Acne treatment
  • Spider veins 
  • Pigmentation
  • Optimal permanent LASER hair reduction