Skin care explained in seven easy steps

Expert diagnosis is the key to effective skin care

As our modern lifestyles and environments become more pressured, it is increasingly important for Australian men and women to take there personal skin care seriously.

The notion of regarding skin care and professional salon treatments as unnecessary indulgences is now outdated and has been replaced by a healthy intent to combat the external influences which wreak havoc on our complexions, prematurely ageing us.

More than ever, we eat processed food or fresh foods grown with articficial fertilizers and sprayed with chemicals; we are subject to the negative effects of the greenhouse syndrome and the thinning ozone layer -ie hotter, more humid weather and increasing ultraviolet sunlight. All these elements do intense damage to our skin and this shows up in the thirties, if not sooner.

At the same time, the cosmetic industry has reached dizzying levels of scientific sophistication, creating products and technology designed to treat very specific skin problems. Department stores offer a tantalizing choice of products and, indeed, cosmetics when correctly understood and applied can do wonders for the skin.

With all these factors in mind, it is imperative to have your skin diagnosed professionally to ensure that all those fancy and expensive potions you buy are the right ones for you.

Before you buy, you should first go to someone who is trained to give you expert skin analysis, who has a wide knowledge of products in the marketplace and who can advise on appropriate treatments and products for you.

Professional skin diagnosis is done during an in-depth consultation and should incorporate a treatment in order to make the diagnosis 90 per cent accurate.

Once you find a therapist you can trust, and feel comfortable to follow her advice, you can develop a skin care program which is 100 per cent efficient for you.


R. Kanitz- Birnbaum