Making time for those skin care extras pays of

Step four

Just a few years ago, skin protection was largely an optional consideration, something that most of us bothered about only at the height of summer, if at all. Only perhaps when we spent an extended time out of doors did we take the trouble to slap on any old sun screen.


In addition to basic skin care, there are a few simple extra treatments which, if performed regularly, really pay off in terms of your appearance.

Each of them takes only a few minutes to perform.


Depending on skin age use nourishing/regenerating cremes in the evening instead of a moisturizer


Peeling. Using a peeling product helps get rid of the dead layers of skin which build up with passing time. Peeling helps to keep the skin clean and clear and assists the elimination process. Mature skin regenerates slower, so if one can help to remove the dead layers, creams (especially those containing regenerating, active ingredients) can penetrate the skin easier to deeper layers and are then more effective.


Masks. You may have to experiment to find the right one for your particular skin type. If your skin is blocked, you should use a peeling, rather than a mask. If you have enlarged pores without blackheads, then it is suitable to use an astringent mask on those parts once a week. Depending on your age, you should choose a moisture mask or a nourishing mask. For home use, soft masks are more comfortable. If you move while wearing a stiff mask, you run the risk of tearing the skin tissue.


the value of special eye and neck creams is greatly underestimated. These creams are not gimmicks. They make sense. The skin around the eyes is thinner, more vulnerable to strong active ingredients. So the eye cream needs to have a finer consistency and not over nourish the skin. A good neck cream should have firming properties, which would be too aggressive used on the face or eyes. I recommend religiously daily application of these.


Salon treatments. The regular check-up by a professional, advise to changing seasonal your products, the stronger and more thorough peeling, the circulation for the skin resulting from massage.

All that is important for “a mature skin maintenance”. By consistently putting in that little bit extra time in your daily and monthly skin care routine, you will be rewarded in due course by a definite improvement in your complexion and appearance. Your efforts will help to postpone the aging process.



R. Kanitz- Birnbaum